Saving Money with Wi-Fi Thermostats

For most people, their smartphone is their lifeline to the outside world. You can pay your bills on it, read you email on it and, now, use it to save money on your monthly heating and cooling bill.

Programmable thermostats allow you set the temperature of your home or office according to your schedule so that you can be comfortable when you’re there, and save money when you’re away. You can program both daily and weekly schedules so that the system doesn’t use as much energy when you’re asleep or away from the office. Programmable thermostats can save you 10 percent annually on your heating and cooling bill.

Wi-Fi thermostats go a step further. Not only can you program your home or office’s temperature schedule, you can do it remotely via your smartphone or internet-enabled device. They allow you to save even more money by giving you control over your thermostat when your plans change, whether you’re working late at the office or decide to spend an extra day on vacation.

Most Wi-Fi thermostats also include special features such as energy reports and intelligent adaptation. Energy reports help you make smarter decisions when programming your unit by providing statistics about your home’s energy usage. These thermostats are smart devices themselves, and can learn and implement your preferred temperature settings. They can then intelligently adapt for greater efficiency, while still keeping you in total comfort.

A smart Wi-Fi thermostat that allows you to make smarter decisions and provides you with customized energy-saving tips will pay for itself, plus a few extra lives in Candy Crush.

For more information on Barineau’s Wi-Fi thermostats, the Carrier’s Côr Thermostat and the Nest Thermostat, visit our products page.

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