The Truth About Service Agreements

We understand why you may be skeptical of service agreements. They can sound a lot like the extended warranty on your new TV or Xbox that you get offered at checkout. While those can be helpful at times, they may not always be necessary.

Our Total Comfort Service Program is a completely different story. First, if we installed a new home comfort system in your home, then you are covered by the manufacturer for a generous length of time in most cases. Our service agreement is offered to protect your investment – but in a different way. We want to help you ensure that your system – whether new or older – is running efficiently and is not causing problems that could lead to a more costly repair down the road. Plus, if anything does happen to your system, (which often happens at the worst possible time) you get a nice discount and no overtime costs – ever.

Here are a few more good reasons to consider a Total Comfort Service Agreement:

  • One or two 28-point inspections during the year
  • No overtime charges (even on Super Bowl Sunday)
  • 15% discount on all repairs
  • Same-day service (even if you call late)
  • $48 diagnostic fee
  • $25 in bonus bucks (to use toward your repair or even a new filter)
  • $250 off new system
  • 15% off duct cleaning

Thousands of our customers purchase or renew their agreements every year, because it is the least expensive way to make sure you are comfortable every day. For more about costs and to sign up, visit our service agreement page.

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