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Barineau works closely with Carrier to offer premier heating and cooling systems designed to be efficient, effective, and innovative.

In the 110 years since Willis Carrier first invented the air conditioning system in 1902, Carrier systems have been trusted by more homes than any other brand.

Looking for a HVAC system? Take a look at what Carrier and Barineau have partnered to offer.


Choosing the right unit for your home

Your HVAC unit should keep you comfortable while conditioning the air by disinfecting it of impurities while remaining quiet, energy efficient, and easy to control. Amongst the considerations to make when selecting a new air-conditioning unit are:

Environmental Impact - Carrier units use Puron® Refrigerant, an environmentally friendly refrigerant designed not to deplete the Earth’s Ozone layer. Freon has been banned and will be discontinued by the year 2020, resulting in a predicted spike in Freon cost production. By choosing a Carrier unit, you not only protect the earth, you ensure your energy costs will remain low.

Climate Comfort: Air Conditioning Control – Barineau can help you choose the right residential heating and cooling system comprised of exclusive elements such as a variable speed furnace or fan coil, two-stage cooling to eliminate hot-spots and maintain a more even temperature, IdealHumidity™ monitors to adjust indoor humidity, and our revolutionary Infinity™ Control System that controls temperature, humidity, air quality, fan speed, and ventilation while monitoring air quality.

Sound – Carrier systems feature the exclusive Silencer System II™ to ensure ultra-quiet operation by maximizing air-flow and minimizing vibration. While typical AC units can create obtrusive noise outside the home as loud as 80 dBA, our units are roughly 8 dBA quieter. That's like the difference between a running hair-dryer and a refrigerator. And because Barineau evaluates your needs before moving forward, we will ensure the right unit is installed in the right location.

Efficiency: Your HVAC Unit's Gas Mileage – Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling, so their efficiency is measured two different ways. In cooling mode, the efficiency is ranked by a "Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio" or "SEER." The higher the number the better. Carrier heat pumps rate between 13.0 SEER and 19.0 SEER, while typical units rank from 6.0 to 11.0 SEER.


Why Choose Carrier™ Systems Over Other HVAC Brands?

Willis Carrier was a remarkable engineer who filed over 80 patents in his lifetime, and Carrier is proud to continue his legacy by leading the industry through innovation. There are many reasons Carrier HVAC Units are the best in the business, but here are just a few:

Infinity® System – This revolutionary application of a two-stage heat pump reduces energy usage and enhances comfort. The Carrier total indoor comfort system will allow you to set up to 8 different temperature zones for your home, allowing customized comfort to make the most of your utility expenditure.

HYBRID HEAT® – This exclusive dual fuel system pairs a gas furnace with an electric heat pump providing unparalleled peace of mind and predictable heating and cooling costs. The HYBRID HEAT® dual fuel system will automatically switch between gas and electricity as needed for optimal performance and efficiency.

Comfort® Heat Pump System – Carrier's exclusive heat pump system divides its efforts into high and low settings, utilizing the low setting for 80% of all tasks to maintain a consistent temperature and greater air circulation.

IdealHumidity™ – Humidity plays a huge part in how comfortable you feel inside your home. If you’re tired of the dry, static-laden feel of your home, Carrier can provide the perfect solution with an integrated humidifier, variable-speed furnace or fan coil, and Infinity heat pump. This will allow you to feel cooler while the temperature is high in the summer and warmer at low temperatures in the winter, saving you money. Part of being comfortable is ensuring your air is the ideal humidity.

Durability: WeatherArmor Ultra™ – Protect your HVAC system by shielding it from the damage of hail, snow, rain water, pests, mold, and other hazards. This galvanized steel cabinet will keep your system looking great and performing at peak efficiency for years to come.


After the Sale - You Are Now Part of the Tradition

We believe in service after the sale, that's why we will perform a complimentary maintenance tune-up within the first year on all the systems we install to ensure your system is operating at its peak efficiency.

Let us prove to you why having a system installed by Barineau Heating and Air Conditioning will be a smart investment for your home by demonstrating our extensive expertise.

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