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What You Can’t See

We’ve all heard about indoor air pollution, but you may still be skeptical about whether you should clean your air ducts. Ever pull out the refrigerator and see what collects behind it? What about underneath your washing machine? Take a look and you’ll quickly relate to the horror of just how dirty these unseen places can get. Your air ducts are no exception. Dirty coils and ducts increase both allergens and utility bills. A thorough cleaning can provide a lot more than just energy efficiency.

The professionals at Barineau use a proprietary certified technique to clean, recondition and restore your system. And the team doesn’t just sweep the ducts. We address every component that air passes over, including the supply and return air ducts and registers; grilles and diffusers; heat exchangers heating and cooling the coils; condensate drain pans (drip pans); fan motor and fan housing; and the air handling unit housing the coils and central system.

We look for kinks and tangled lines that can be preventing a proper seal and we remove contamination from dust, pollen, debris and microbiological growth (e.g., mold).  What’s more clean ducts help prevent fire hazards, health complications and other negative consequences.

Our #1 goal is to attend to the interests and needs of each client we are privileged to serve and provide every customer an experience you can trust. It is our pleasure to provide PATS certified duct cleaning services and uncover what you can’t see hiding inside of your system. Have you called Barry today? (850) 580-4029.

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