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Turning Off The Ceiling Fan

The warm seasons in the North Florida and South Georgia area can get pretty heated as we all know. As the temperature starts to climb and we get frantic to cool off, we tend to ignore a few money saving tips that can help control inside temperatures more efficiently.

One of the more popular ways we all attempt to cool off on that hot summer day is by turning on the ceiling fans. Ahhhhh, the draft above us feels so good. But to save money, make sure you know when to turn that ceiling fan off.  The rule to remember is that ceiling fans are meant to cool off people, not rooms.

Ceiling fans work their magic by circulating the temperature of the air that is already there, creating a draft and helping a person within the draft feel cooler. However, the temperature of the air in your home will not decrease by using a ceiling fan, nor will it increase if it isn’t on. Therefore, if you leave the room, the best practice is to turn the ceiling fan off to save electricity, since no one is there to benefit from the draft being circulated.

To control inside temperatures, a better plan is to leave thermostats at a moderate setting while you are out, so your system doesn’t have to work overtime to cool your house back down when you return. Use ceiling fans when you are in the same room and the draft will help cool your body, but don’t rely on them to change the temperature in your home.

As we move into the spring and summer seasons, keep these things in mind when cooling off, so you don’t spend unnecessary money on utilities. And as always, call Barry if you have any questions or concerns because #BarryKnowsCool.

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