Top HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

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Pets are beloved members of the family, but they definitely come with their own set of challenges. Did you know that owning one or more furry friends can put a strain on your HVAC system? Pet fur and dander can build up in your system and cause issues over time. With a few adjustments, however, you can reduce the strain on your heating and cooling system and keep everything running smoothly. Here are a few HVAC tips for pet owners to keep your entire family comfortable – furry and otherwise.

Don’t skip that haircut.

For most pets, a bit of shedding is unavoidable, but keeping your pet well-groomed prevents excessive pet hair and dander from ending up in your HVAC system. Part of your HVAC unit’s job is to filter out containments such as dust and pet hair, but if it becomes too much, it can clog up your system and make it run less efficiently.

To prevent that from happening, keep up with grooming appointments as needed for your pets. Both dogs and cats also benefit greatly from regular brushing, which can keep pets from shedding an excessive amount of fur that will eventually land in your HVAC system.

Check your air filter often.

While it’s important for everyone to check and replace their air filters periodically, it’s especially important for pet owners. The extra pet hair and dander, not to mention extra containments that pets often track inside, mean that the air filter is working extra hard to keep the air in your home clean.

For this reason, it’s best for pet owners to check their air filters every month and replace them every 30-60 days. If you have more than one pet living inside your home, it might need to be changed even more frequently.

Keep the floors spick and span.

Every pet owner knows that dirt, pet hair and other grime tends to end up on the floor when a dog or cat is residing there. Keeping floors and carpets as clean as possible is an important step in taking the burden of cleaning everything away from your HVAC system. Dusting, mopping and vacuuming your home weekly (or even daily) can make a huge difference in the strain put on your HVAC.

Use supplementary tools.

If someone in your home struggles with pet-related allergies, you might want to take a few additional steps to keep the air as clean as possible. While it’s your HVAC’s job to filter the air, supplementary tools, such as a small air-purifier, can be a great extra boost for pet owners.

Get your (air) ducts in a row.

Air ducts are a key part of your HVAC system and, unfortunately, they are also one of the primary places pet hair builds up over time. Not only can this decrease the efficiency of your system, it allows pet hair and dander to re-circulate in your home. To make sure your air ducts are in good working order, call in the professionals for an air duct inspection, and if needed, a thorough cleaning.

Keep up with annual inspections.

The best way to avoid costly HVAC issues is to keep up with preventative maintenance – particularly for pet owners. Small amounts of pet hair that might not seem like a big issue can build up over time and cause real issues with the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. Scheduling an annual inspection with a certified professional such as Barineau Heating & Air Conditioning can help you get ahead of any issues before they arise.  Our Total Comfort Service Program is designed to make annual inspections a breeze. With same-day service and no overtime charges, it even includes a 15% discount on duct cleaning so you can be ready for whatever life – and your furry family members – throws at you. Give us a call at 850.580.4029 to learn more!

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