5 Ways to Save Time on Your HVAC Maintenance

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Spring is just around the corner, which means that for many families, life is getting busier by the day. In-between sports practices and ballet recitals, it can be tough to remember to keep up with important HVAC maintenance – until an air conditioning or heating disaster strikes, that is. Keeping up with regular maintenance is a good way to prevent HVAC emergencies, but it can be hard to find the time. Here are five simple ways you can save time on HVAC maintenance without making too big a dent in your busy schedule. 

 1. Keep Up with At-Home Maintenance

While professional inspection is important, there are things you can do in-between HVAC maintenance appointments to keep your system running smoothly. Keeping up with tasks such as changing your air filter regularly can help you avoid having to call for emergency service to save time on your HVAC maintenance. Keeping dirt, dust and other pollution at bay in your home is another way to keep your unit operating efficiently. There are many simple changes that can make a big difference when it comes to how well your unit runs between annual checkups. At your next appointment, ask the technician what kinds of things you can do on your own to keep  your system running as efficiently as possible. 

 2. Know When to Call for Help

You might notice that your HVAC unit makes weird sounds and smells at times. Which ones are truly emergencies, however, and which ones can you take care of yourself? Knowing when to call an HVAC technician is a valuable way to save time on your HVAC maintenance. That’s because being familiar with what qualifies as an emergency can help you avoid making unnecessary appointments – or ignoring an actual emergency. Barineau Heating and Air offers a number of free resources to help you become a more informed homeowner – including how to identify these kinds of incidents. 

3. Schedule Your Appointments During the Off-Season

Because the weather is more extreme, summer and winter are typically considered the peak seasons when it comes to the heating and air conditioning industry. That’s why many homeowners choose to schedule their maintenance appointments outside of those seasons whenever practical. You can save time on your HVAC maintenance by booking your appointments during the spring and fall, when the demand for technicians isn’t as high. Because there’s more availability, you’re less likely to rearrange your schedule to find an appointment time that works for you. 

 4. Choose a Timely Company

Everyone knows the feeling of sitting around, wasting time while you wait for a service technician who may or may not show up. Choosing a company with a reputation for being on time is a simple – and effective – way to save time on your HVAC maintenance. You can scope out a company’s reputation by reading reviews, talking to friends and browsing their website. You want one that is known for delivering quality service – but also for showing up when they say they are going to be there. 

5. Sign Up for the Total Comfort Service Program

One of the best ways to save time on your HVAC maintenance is by committing to a regular service plan, such as Barineau Heating and Air Conditioning’s Total Comfort Service Program. Not only does the program come with cost incentives (such as no overtime charges and a discount on repairs), it removes the burden of having to remember annual maintenance appointments. You can rest easy knowing that Barineau has your back and will remind you when it’s time for your appointment. 

Time is money, which is why it’s always a great thing to make the most of yours. Save on both by signing up for the Total Comfort Service Program today.  

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