Resolutions to Help Lower Your Energy Bill

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This is a new year and it’s time to make some resolutions. Some popular resolutions deal with saving money, and a great way to accomplish that is to lower your energy costs. Fortunately, it’s not hard to do. In addition to saving money, lowering your energy bill also lowers pollution and helps the environment.  

Heating and Cooling

Air conditioners use about 6 percent of the electricity produced in the U.S., costing homeowners about $29 billion and releasing around 117 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the air each year.  

There are many ways to trim that $29 billion. It’s critical to keep your home comfort system in prime shape and running efficiently. An easy way to do that is to set up a maintenance contract with a contractor. Maintenance contracts will ensure your system is inspected carefully and usually include discounts and other benefits.  

Another way to lower your energy bill is by setting up a programmable thermostat. Set the temperature as high as comfortable in the summer and as low as possible in the winter. Resist the urge to turn the unit off completely when you’re not home; it can make the unit work harder to heat and cool your home when you return. Using a programmable thermostat can help keep the temperature steady.  

Energy-Efficient Lighting, Appliances and Electronics

When replacing your appliances and electronics, choose products that operate efficiently. Look for the Energy Star label, which designates products that use about half the electricity of standard equipment. Make sure you use sleep mode and power management features to reduce the electrical load.

Lighting is another big drain on household budgets. An average household spends about 5 percent of its energy budget on lighting. Replace your home’s five most frequently used light fixtures or bulbs with energy-efficient halogen incandescent, CFL or LED lighting. Make a point to use more daylight in your home, whether from windows or skylights.

Look Into an Energy Audit

Have an energy expert come perform an energy audit on your living space. These technicians will complete an entire home energy assessment, which will help you understand your energy use and lower your energy bill.  The technician will conduct a room-by-room examination, using equipment such as blower doors, infrared cameras and tracer gas. The auditor will show you ways to better insulate and air seal your home, making your home more efficient and saving you money.  

Barineau Heating and Air can keep your home comfort system running efficiently, keeping your bills in check. We can also recommend the most efficient new unit when it is time for replacement. Book an appointment online or call (850) 580-4029.  

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