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 In Team Barineau

Jacob StephensJacob Stephens is the lead installer for Barineau Heating and Air Conditioning and has been a valuable member of the Barineau team for the past four years. Born in Texas but raised in Tallahassee, Jacob brought with him nine years of experience before he joined the team. Jacob has an EPA certification and is currently taking classes at Lively Technical College to get additional HCAV-related accreditations under his belt.

As the lead installer, Jacob’s responsibilities include meeting with customers and helping solve their problems, overseeing the installation of home comfort systems and training new team members. “Every day is a new adventure,” he says. Jacob also enjoys helping customers fix problems, especially AC units that are not working. He says, with a laugh, customers are very happy when he leaves, and the AC is working as it should. Especially in the Florida heat!

One of Jacob’s favorite parts of the job is working for president and owner Patrick Barineau, who he says is much different than other people he’s worked for. “Patrick is a great guy, he just does the little things,” he says. Jacob’s family, which included his mother, went on the Barineau two-day team trip to Disney World this past year. “Patrick even treated us to breakfast and gave us gift cards to use around the park,” he said. “It was a blast!”

In his free time, Jacob enjoys spending time with his wife of 14 years, Jackie, and their two young sons, Oden, 5, and Noah, 2. They also have a dog, Luna, who at 60 pounds still thinks she’s a lapdog. Together, they enjoy going to Oden’s flag football games, spending time at the beach and taking advantage of all the things living in Florida has to offer.

We are so grateful to have you on Team Barineau, Jacob! Thank you for all you do.

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