Meet Tim Pritchard, Shop Foreman

 In Team Barineau

Get to know Tim Pritchard, an important member of the Barineau Heating & Air Conditioning team! Tim has been with the Barineau family for over 40 years and currently works in the sheet metal shop building metal pieces for HVAC units. Why is the metal important? “Because it lasts a lifetime,” Tim says.

When asked why Barineau customers keep coming back, Tim said the following: “We treat our customers with the utmost respect, they are first – and we value that. We are doing the job they pay us to do.”

A typical day for Tim consists of working in the shop until lunch time, and then helping his fellow team members make deliveries, or do whatever else needs to be done. While Tim may not have a forward-facing job, he is happy to be behind the scenes making all the magic happen.

Tim also knows that having good character does not go unnoticed. “We are kind, and kindness goes a long way,” Tim said. “It has payed off over the years.”

Born and raised in Cario, Ga., Tim currently resides in Havana, Fla. When asked if he’s thought about retiring anytime soon, Tim said he will continue working “…as long and my health holds up. I love this place.”

Tim has a 30-year-old son, and his wife Lisa of 14 years has worked at the City of Tallahassee for 35 years as database analyst. When Tim is not working, he enjoys deep sea fishing at Apalachicola, freshwater fishing at Lake Talquin, or hunting.

Reflecting on his career, Time is glad to be a part of the Barineau family. “I feel grateful to have been a part of this tradition,” he says. “When you work here you are taken care of.”

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