Deep Cleaning After the Holidays

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Nothing feels better than kicking off the new year with a clean home. Cleaning and decluttering is easier said than done, but is a great way to start the year on the right foot. In addition, deep cleaning and getting clutter under control can actually improve the air quality within your home. Feeling overwhelmed by the idea of deep cleaning after the holidays? Start small, and work your way through one task at a time.


If you’re like most people, you accumulated a little extra clutter over the holidays. Whether that’s gifts, decorations or a bigger wardrobe, take a step back and evaluate what you’re really using. Decluttering is a helpful first step when deep cleaning after the holidays because it can help you identify unnecessary clutter. Set a goal of filling up boxes or bags that you can donate to a local organization.

Next, turn to the kitchen. Your fridge certainly isn’t the first thing you think of when it comes to clutter, but it’s likely bursting at the seams after the holiday season. Set aside some time to clear out any leftovers (especially in hard-to-see containers in the back of your fridge) that are past their expiration date.

Finally, take a look at your holiday items before putting them back into storage. Cleaning after the holidays usually means packing everything back up and putting it into the garage or attic. Are there holiday décor items that sat unused this year? Consider donating them or selling them on an online marketplace. Chances are, if they didn’t make the cut this year, they won’t be used next year, either.

Deep Clean

Now that you’ve cleared away the extra clutter, you can begin the process of deep cleaning. It’s always best to clean top-to-bottom, with the floors being last. This is because cleaning surfaces, shelves and ceilings can knock dust and dirt back onto your freshly cleaned floors.

Now is a great time to wash the linens in your home, particularly if you had guests staying with you over the holidays. If the fabrics allow, wash sheets, bedding and towels in hot water to get rid of any dust mites (ick!). If you have fabric couches, carefully vacuum them to remove dust, dirt and crumbs. These are two important steps when it comes to keeping debris out of the air, which negatively affects the air quality in your home.

When it comes to deep cleaning your floors, bathrooms and other high-traffic areas, keep it simple. You don’t need 15 different cleaners to get the job done. Stick to two or three multi-purpose products that work for you. As a bonus, fewer products will take up less space in your home, creating less clutter.

Don’t Forget

Now that your home is sparkling clean, it’s time to look at the less obvious areas that need attention. If you haven’t taken a look at your air filter in a while, now is the perfect time to inspect (and most likely replace) it. Keeping up with air filter maintenance is an important part of maintaining good air quality in your home. Plus, deep cleaning after the holidays likely stirred up a lot of dirt, dust and other pollutants. Refreshing your air filter afterwards sets up your home comfort system for success in the new year.

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