Duct Cleaning

Green Cleaning - Air Duct Cleaning to Promote Healthy Ventilation

Having your air ducts cleaned is absolutely essential to promoting the flow of healthy allergen free air throughout your home, making it easier to breathe, sleep, and enjoy your time with those you love the most. Amongst the most common culprits in clogged air ducts and cooling systems are:

  • Pet dander
  • Airborne allergens from plants, smoke, dust, or other sources
  • Cigarette or cigar smoke buildup
  • Water damage to the home or HVAC system from storms, floods, or leaky pipes
  • Home remodeling residue from insulation, sawdust, or dirt


Barry wants you to know the steps.

Air duct cleaning is only one step in cleaning your system; in fact the entire HVAC system should be cleaned. Failure to clean all components of the system can result in re-contamination. Just as you wouldn't stop at cleaning just half your floor, neither should you clean one component of your heating or cooling system.

Here are some other components of your system that may need to be cleaned:

  • Refrigerant coils
  • Air conditioning drain pan
  • Registers
  • AC grills
  • Air plenums
  • Blower motor and assembly
  • In-home air filter


P.A.T.S. Certified - Know Your Ducts

Your duct system is used to distribute conditioned air throughout your home. The fact most people don't realize is that in typical homes about 20% or more of the air is lost due to leaks, holes or poorly connected ducts.

Use this checklist to see if your home could potentially have damaged or leaky central-air ducts:

  • You have high summer and winter utility bills
  • You have rooms that are difficult to heat or cool
  • Certain rooms feel stuffy or uncomfortable
  • You notice a considerable amount of dust in your home
  • Your heating and cooling system is noisy
  • Your family has allergy problems
  • You have kinked or tangled flexible duct lines

If you said yes to any of these symptoms, the cause may be your duct system, and Barineau's repair team may be your solution.

Barineau Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. uses a new and effective approach to help solve issues created by leaky HVAC ducts. Using PATS, we take the guesswork out of duct leaks and allow you to actually see how much, if any, air is leaking from your system.

A duct system that is properly designed and sealed can make your home cleaner, more comfortable, and more energy efficient. Clean ducts also promote the safety of your home, as they prevent potential fire hazards, health complications, and other negative consequences.


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