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Proving Mick Jagger Wrong

If you are familiar with the business world, you may have heard the saying that there’s no way to have a product that is cheap, good quality, and quickly delivered. This idea may have been introduced to you more generally as a Rolling Stones quote: “You can’t always get what you want.” It’s easy to buy into this idea that some orders are simply too big to fill. Take drive-thru restaurants. While they are (usually) fast and cheap, they don’t always have quality food. Then there’s the opposite problem with “fancier” restaurants, which provide better food service, but that steak; well, it’s going to cost you. This idea isn’t just in the food industry. You want a degree? Well, it certainly has value, but be prepared to dedicate yourself to four (or more) straight years of studying and be ready to shell out major bucks.
Most products and services cannot put check marks next to all the components of a great product. It is safe to say that society has realized this unfortunate phenomenon, and that most people are okay with taking the Rolling Stones’ advice and settling. The idea is that if you don’t expect too much, you won’t be disappointed, right? While this is obviously true with many products and services, Barineau has passed the test. Take a look for yourself:
Speed? Check. Service agreements have same day service, as well as emergency service, with no overtime fees.
Quality? Check. Barineau teams with Carrier, a leading brand in HVAC products, while also providing construction support for those who want to make sure they are getting high caliber ventilation systems and more.
Low-price? Check. Get more for your dollar by signing up for a service agreement and get 15% off duct cleaning, 15% discount on repairs, and $250 off a new system, plus $25 in bonus bucks!
So there you have it. Now, we’re not saying that after you finish reading this that you stop eating at McDonald’s and make sure that everything you pay for is the very best it can be. Because frankly, while you’ll seem completely high maintenance and downright difficult, you will also have a hard time getting what you’re looking for. But, when you see a chance to have all your desires met in a product, as you do with our Total Comfort Service Agreement, why wouldn’t you jump in? You might just find you get everything you need.
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