Selecting a Programmable Thermostat

It’s no secret that adjusting the thermostat while you’re asleep or when you leave the house for long periods can save you money over time, no matter what sort of thermostat you have. However, programmable thermostats have a unique scheduling capacity that allows you to coordinate the temperature of your home and your personal schedule. If you are considering a programmable thermostat, here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting, purchasing and programming this money-saving technology:

When shopping for a programmable thermostat, know your price

You can expect to spend $20 to $200, with most options costing $100 on average. The more expensive selections will have Wi-Fi connectivity, wireless programming capabilities and touch screens, but the more affordable options still get the job done and allow you to schedule changes in the temperature of your home. Big box home improvement stores usually have a good selection.

When browsing your options, keep the model in mind

According to Consumer Reports, there are three different models to consider. If your itinerary tends to fluctuate, consider the 7-day model, which allows you to create and alter your schedule for each individual weekday. The 5+2-day model gives you the ability to plug in a schedule for five weekdays and two similar weekend days. If both days of your weekend have distinct schedules, you might consider the 5-1-1-day model, which allows you to create a regular schedule for five weekdays and two separate schedules for both days of the weekend.

Learn about your new thermostat and start programming

First, decide what temperature your home should be during the hours you plan to be at home. Then decide how much that temperature should vary in your absence. For example, during colder months, the US Department of Energy suggests that your home be set at 68 degrees during the hours you will be at home, and lowered moderately during times that you will be absent for eight hours or more. For homes with heat pumps, it is suggested that the temperature not be lowered dramatically, as this could cause a heat pump to run inefficiently, actually costing you more money that the thermostat adjustment would save. During the summer, it’s recommended that you set your thermostat to 78 degrees during times that you are home and leave it slightly warmer when you are away.  Programmable thermostats also allow you to override these settings if at any point you are feeling too warm or too chilly, and while on vacation or another extended absence. If you’re unsure of how to program your thermostat or override its settings, Carrier offers a variety of options and a tutorial for each model available.

To learn more about how you can make your heating and cooling system more energy-efficient and cost-effective or to learn about the variety of available programmable thermostats from Carrier, call Barineau Heating & Air at (850) 580-4029.

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