Buying an Air Purifier? Here are Three Things to Consider

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A lot has changed over the past few years through the COVID pandemic. Many of the habits, routines and behaviors that we were accustomed to before it began now feel foreign to us and new habits have taken their place. Pen jars marked “clean” and “dirty” located next to the automatic hand sanitizer dispenser are a common scene in most businesses.

Air purifiers have also become a part of many homes, hotels, businesses and classrooms. As they’ve become more popular, people have become aware of the quality of the air and its impact on their health more than ever before.

If you’re thinking about purchasing an air purifier, here are three important things to consider.

The Benefits

Air quality is an important issue that until recently was most often discussed as it relates to the outdoors,. Air pollutants are in fact two to five times more concentrated indoors compared to the typical outdoor environment according to the Environmental Protect Agency. They’ve found that many of these air pollutants can cause irritation, headaches, allergies and other respiratory symptoms.

Air Purifier Size

There are two primary types of air purifiers: room air purifiers and whole-house systems. Room purifiers filter the air in one room, whereas whole-house systems are connected to your home’s HVAC system.

As you’re searching for an air purifier, consider the size of your room or office. Air purifiers will typically provide an estimated room size that is ideal for their product. If you’re considering a whole-house system, you should consult with your local HVAC company to find out if your current HVAC system is compatible with the latest air filtering technology.

Maintenance and Filter Types

A third aspect to consider while comparing air purifiers is the type of filter and maintenance required by each system. Filters vary based their size, cost and the type of pollutants they protect you from.

Most air purifier manufacturers provide additional information about the percentage and type of pollutants that are filtered by their systems. They also will give recommendations regarding the frequency for filter replacements so you can factor that cost into your budget.

Have Questions?

Indoor air quality is important to the health of your family, coworkers and customers. As more information and research develops, new technology, tools and resources are available for anyone who is considering purchasing an air purifier.

At Barineau Heating and Air Conditioning, we’ll provide you with the latest information, recommendations and more. To get started, we recommend scheduling an appointment with an HVAC comfort specialist so you can find out more about the quality of your indoor air and discuss air purifier options that fit your needs.

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