Barry Knows

Unleashing Coolness

At 5’8” tall, Barry J. Cool is known for his size 38 husky white washed jeans, always holding the door for a stranger, and his endless capacity to enjoy measuring air flow across heat exchangers. While he may not look especially gifted to the average onlooker, in fact his first word was ‘chill-wee.’

He grew up playing with leaky ducts rather than rubber ducks and building houses out of vent piping instead of Lego bricks. Though some of his peers found him awkward, by age 12 he was the state record holder in residential air filter changing contest at the state fair. A record that still hasn’t been beat some 25 years later.



Barry loves a clean truck, teaching his children the importance of dehumidified air, and sitting on the back porch listening to the crickets chirp at night. But most importantly, he enjoys continuing the legacy that his family has built of bringing the region unparalleled heating and air conditioning service, as has been the Barineau family tradition for the past 40 years.


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