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My house is evenly cool for the first time since I moved in it! The new unit is so quiet. It's like a whole different house!When they fired it up, it scored the lowest efficiency number they have ever had on an installation. The system cooled down the house in minutes and removed the humidity after the house had been half without AC for a week. Very efficient and very, very quiet.Congratulations to the whole, very impressive Barineau team - Tyler Payne and Patrick Barineau who designed and supervised the installation and the expert team of Mike, Boomer, and Bryce (great guys) who sweated four days in my attic removing the badly installed, badly designed, leaky duct work, doing it all the right way to make it work so well!So glad I called the right people with the right expertise and attitude of excellence for the job!Thank you, Barineau!

Georgia Smith

Barineau is a professional company with great customer service. We came home in the dead of winter to no heat after 7 p.m. With two small children, we needed this fixed ASAP. One phone call and there was a tech at our house in an hour, the heat was on and the price was far less than I expected. They even did a follow-up service call later that week to be sure we were all set.  The tech even let our curious toddler tag along and answered her million questions patiently as he worked getting major brownie points!

Brittany G.

I was referred to Barineau by a friend of mine, got immediate attention when requesting a service call and I was scheduled for a tech the same day. The technician that responded was so personable. He also spoke intelligently about the service I needed and the overall condition of my 20-year old unit, including long-term needs for the unit and expected cost of the repair necessary to get my house cooled properly. An hour later, he was waving goodbye after being able to take payment securely on site. We will definitely remain loyal customers to Barineau from here on out.

Emma P.

These guys were the cleanest, neatest contractors I’ve ever seen. Very hard workers and got things done quickly. I will gladly recommend them to anyone.

Lora D.

Thank you very much for a job well done when installing our new Payne air conditioner during extremely hot weather. Thank you also for loaning us a used air conditioner when ours died so we could live in comfort until you were able to install the new unit. We are certain that we have finally selected the best AC business in Tallahassee. We have used many companies prior to selecting you and we have been very pleased for the past 5 years because of your quick response when our AC units failed to operate correctly. 

Gary C. Smallridge

Grady Hiers is one of the most stand-up professionals I have ever met! I have been so impressed with him and his service to me, even though I am not a customer (yet). I wanted to let someone know what a fine employee you have in Grady - he will be the single reason we call Barineau in the future for our heating and cooling needs.

Kyle Gower-Winter

Your Technicians were extremely courteous. I was home with my child during part of the installation and found your staff to be very polite and efficient. My husband remarked on what a good job they did. Thanks, Barineau!

Lilly and Jason Lewis

We just wanted to pay a compliment to your staff. Over the years we have interacted with Grady, Chris, and Gary for service and sales and they have all been courteous, friendly, and competent. In October we had to have a new unit installed. Grady, who used to be our service guy, did a great job explaining our options and helping us deal with an unexpected, rather large, expense. I wish I could remember the names of the 3 young men that installed our unit (maybe John and Travis were two of the names?). They introduced themselves and shook my hand at the door, were very respectful of our house, and were friendly and extremely competent. They also seemed to really enjoy working together and working at their jobs, which says a lot for this company. A friend recommended y'all to us 5-10 years ago and we will certainly recommend you to our friends as well. All the same, I hope we don't have to see y'all for a long time.

Rebecca Means

Thank you for your honesty in reimbursement of a freon charge when it was discovered the freon was not needed. If I hadn't received a check from you and called your office, I would have never known that a reimbursement was due. I will definitely recommend your company for air conditioning and heating needs.

Phyllis Laurienzo

Deciding to enroll in your maintenace program was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Chris is the best. Thanks.

Vivian Hobbs

Dealer/Service Man was very professional and stated what needed to be done during next visit.

George Nero

Thank you very much for your hard work, easy going ways and professional handiwork! Especially in this hottest of times! David enjoyed working with you so much and I think you're a HERO. Best to you always!

Maureen Yoder

I would like to commend two of your employees, George Dunn and Bob Schaldenbrand. They recently installed my air conditioner and both did an excellent job. Will continue to be a loyal customer to Barineau and Co.

Jean Giering

Well done service

Lewis Clark

Thank you for your help - many times beyond the call of duty!

Mary Sprehn

I wanted to say how grateful I am for your great customer service. After coming home from a long day at work on a HOT Friday evening, I arrived at my home to find a really hot house (85 degrees). My A/C went out. I called Barineau after hours and the Tech on call responded immediately, arriving at my home within an hour. He was courteous, efficient, and professional. My A/C was back up and running in less than an hour. Thanks for keeping my home COOL Barineau.

Latonia Scott

Dear Sirs: I wish to thank you for your prompt assistance on installing a new furnace at my house in Tallahassee. I had originally called another company who never seemed to show up. Leaving my tenants in the cold for over a week. I called you and in short order you had a new furnace up and running. Thanks for your quick response to my situation and that of my tenants.

Peter Masson

You may know that I left Tallahassee to return home before the crew arrived to install the new ducts and Patti stayed behind to supervise and freeze while there was no heat, other than the fireplace in the house. Patti was very impressed and as an educator she is not impressed easily, with how respectful and professional your crew, headed by Bob I believe, was. She was never once left in the lurch, as is frequently the case with contractors about the status of the job, where they go and when or will they return. Nor were the workers crass, rude or crude. They even took their shoes off when entering the house and cleaned up any mess they made. No one was standing around "leaning on a shovel" while the others worked. You obviously employ people who believe in "a day's work for a day's pay". Thanks.

Harry Ferrell-Locke

I would like to thank you for the responsible way in which you handled the problems at my parent's home at 638 W. Tenth. I am grateful that my parents were not harmed by the carbon monoxide leak. I appreciate that you and your staff took my concerns to heart and had the integrity to do your best to make the situation better as soon as possible. Having been a business owner myself for 21 years, I know that everything does not always go as we hope it will. Mistakes are made even when you have the best intentions. You showed your true colors in the resolution of this problem and that is what I take away from this experience. I will continue to use your services at my parents' home and I would recommend Barineau without reservation to any friends, and connections in the business community. Thank you for your integrity and for your work.

Wendy Halleck

You guys rock, I have several landlords that I manage property for that have signed up for the maintenance program... it has paid for itself already in all cases. Great service and a great price! Kurtis Gower makes me look good, thanks!

Georgia Turner

It is great to know my heating system was checked before all this cold weather. Thanks to Larry and his staff for the Spring and Fall checkups!

Dama Murphy

Barineau's has always done me right, that's why they are the only ones that work on my A/C.

Michael Fox

We just wanted to take the time to commend your staff on their professionalism, speed of service, and most of all great attitude. We had a Carrier unit installed approximately 14 months ago & had a problem recently. We were scheduled immediately, the tech, Greg, diagnosed the problem and we were up and running within 24 hours. Thank you for your continued wonderful service and great staff! You all have been a pleasure to work with.

Clay and Michelle Barfield

Larry, Of course you can use me as a reference. The most important thing that I look for when contracting with vendors is "do they do what they say they will do?" Such characteristics as punctuality, openly communicating with me, sticking to an estimate with no surprises, and cleaning up after the job are four things I consider when dealing with contractors. I am happy to say that Barineau Heating and Air meets all the above criteria. Keep up the good work.

Harry Ferrell-Locke

The price is fair and competitive. Workmanship is excellent and I trust Barineau to stand behind their products/labor. I will recommend Barineau to others!

James M. Parry

One of the best things I have done for my home was to purchase a heating and air-conditioning system from Barineau Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. Thanks to their great advice(and great price!), I now have an energy-efficient system that works like a charm. Barineau's employees are courteous and punctual, and I know they will provide exemplary service for my home enviromental needs from now on.

Dean Falk

I just wanted to write and thank you for the excellent service I received from Bobby last week. Bobby was very professional, courteous, he diagnosed the problem with our A/C quickly, explained the issue at hand in laymen's terms and wouldn't leave until he was sure that our unit was working properly. At the time of this writing, we are cool! I felt that the cost compared to the service we received was more than fair and I will definitely use Barineau for our heating and cooling needs in the future, thanks again.

C. Caito

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the level of service I received from one of your employess, Donald Stephens. I have had my Carrier heat pump for about three and a half years. Nearly from the beginning, I have had problems with the unit. Several differant service companies have attempted to deal with the problems, none of them seemed to bring much professionalism to the job and the workmanship seemed shoddy at best. Mr. Stephen's competence and professional approach were a refreshing change from my previous experiences. He was thorough in his solving of the problems and was able to explain what he was doing and why as he sought to fix the immediate problem and correct the poor workmanship left behind by the other so called "technicians". Based on my experience with Mr. Stephens, I would readily recommend your companies services to my friends.

Pearl King

Dear Mr. Barineau, I am writing to express my thanks for a job well done-again! Over the years, My family and I have relied on you and your sons, Shane and Patrick,for our heating and air conditioning needs. In every instance I have been impressed with the promptness and professionalism your employess exhibit. Most recently, I was selling a house that required a lot of ducts to be replaced as a condition to the sale.If I was not able to get the ducts replaced quickly, then I risked the sale of the house falling through. Fortunately, I knew who to call. Because I had dealt with you and Patrick previously, I was confident that you could get the work done well, and in a timely fashion. I was not disappointed! This time I dealt mainly with Patrick, who quickly provided me with an estimate and then oversaw that the work was carried out efficiently. Another job well done! Thank you once again for your promptness and professionalism and congratulations on having such a competent and courteous staff. Also, please make sure Patrick knows how much I appreciate the work he did.

William A. Parkinson

Mr. Barineau, I am very pleased with the recent Air Conditioning installation that you performed for me. Everyone on the team was courteous and professional and did work that far surpassed my expectations. Thank you for a job well done!

Thomas J Wiatt

I've been a satisfied customer of Barineau's Heating and Air Conditioning since 1990. When I need service, they are always there. Great people to work with, too.

Gene Deckerhoff

Recently, I had a new Puron-based Carrier heat pump system installed on the second floor of my home by Barineau Heating and air, owned and operated by Larry Barineau.The company had installed a new heat pump system to replace an inefficient, 30-year old downstairs system in 1998. At that time I got three quotes from Larry and his quote was reasonable compared to another Tallahassee heating and air contractor. The crew that came in 1998 was excellent making some improvements in the existing return-air ductwork, installing a new digital thermostat and relocating the main return air vent to a more efficient location. The downstairs system has been running fine for the past 8 years. When Larry came out for the upstairs system, I had enough confidence and trust in him that I didn't even get a second opinion, although I had done some Internet research as to the cost of new systems and his quote was again in line. His crew came out, having to crawl in and out of a small access panel in the ceiling and dismantled and removed the old system and somehow got the new system in the attic without cutting any holes in the ceiling, without damaging anything; and without making any mess at all. The crew also had to make some ductwork modifications. They did all this in the middle of August on a hot, humid day and were in and out in one day. Hard to believe! Based on these experiences, I would certainly recommend Larry's company to anyone who is in the process of installing a new heating and air system or replacing an old system. Larry will install the carrier model that will fit your family's heating and air demands and your budget. He could have sold me a Carrier model that was significantly more expensive, but rather than just maximizing his profits, he recommended a model that he honestly felt was what I needed and would be satisfied with. Thanks Larry!

Randy Lenczyk

At last, a really good local company that you can trust! Barineau Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. replaced my system in late 2009 and they did an excellent job. The installation was quick and competent with the minimum of inconvenience. The technicians were courteous, unobtrusive and clearly skilled at their job. However, it is the after-sales service that truly excels. The Sales Manager followed up in a timely fashion to check that I was completely satisfied. He even went so far as to reward me for recommending the company to a co-worker, who is equally happy with the result. It is very rare these days to find a company that is both ethical and competent, so I would highly recommend Barineau Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. to anyone who needs A/C work done well at a competitive price.

Dr. Martin Kendal-Reed

I was in need of a dryer vent clean-out and didn’t know who to call. I asked Patrick Barineau, whom I know through the Greater TLH Chamber if they could do the job. I was concerned about the 10-year lint build-up, the slow drying time using additional electricity and the possible fire hazard the lint was causing. Patrick sent 2 professional technicians to my home quickly and within a very short time, the job was done. Since my dryer vent was contained within an inside wall to the roof, I thought that it would be difficult job, but they had a special machine with a long hose that would reach to the roof. Not only did they pull out the dryer and clean out the vent at the dryer and wall entry, but within a short time had gotten into the attic and finished the job. I was impressed with their clean-up and how quickly they finished the job. Not only can Barineau Heating & Air replace/repair your AC or Heating system, they can also do other related ductwork jobs. I am very pleased with the job and look forward to using them again for AC or heating repairs.

Jeannie Alexander

My wife and I signed up for Barineau's service check up agreement and they sent Ben out to look over our system. Ben arrived on time and was very pleasant and knowledgable. He had great insite on our system and let me know what looked good about it and what might be a concern down the road, never using any pressure sales techniques. I felt very comfortable and confident in his evaluation.

Joe Ward

Exceptional service! They recently installed a new system in our home, their work was professional and timely. We will never use anyone else again!


Your crew came into our home and worked hard to install the equipment.  They left our home clean and neat. They were dedicated to getting things right.

Richard and Ann Ham

I was very impressed with the way the technicians immediately put a cover down to protect my floor before starting anything.


Mike and Brenda Rubin